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Pat Polidor in the 2011 Focus photo issue.

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Pat getting down with a wallie feeble grind days before the spots’ demolition. It was a sick setup while it lasted.

Pat Polidor: wallie feeble grind

Jimmy McDonald in the 2011 Focus photo issue.

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Old Doogle below with a switch frontside wallride in Philly, Fall 2010.

Jimmy McDonald: switch frontside wallride

Sugar Magazine, Max Geronzi interview.

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Two and a half boards later, here’s Max Geronzi with a nollie noseblunt at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Sugar Mag #123 Max Geronzi interview

Sugar Magazine cover with Max Geronzi.

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Max Geronzi and I worked on shooting an interview for the French magazine Sugar during his stay in Philadelphia last summer. Looks like they hooked us up with a cover! Psyched. More photos when I get my hands on a copy and find out what they used. Special thanks to Charley for making it happen.

Switch backside heelflip in Philadelphia.
Sugar Mag #123 Cover

Jan/Feb 2011 Focus Photo Issue.

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The 2011 Focus Photo Issue has just begun shipping out to shops. Here’s the cover that Kyle and I shot on the night of the postponed deadline.

Kyle Knoblauch: Kickflip Crook at Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia.

Kyle Knoblauch: kickflip crook

Focus Cover Jan/Feb 2011.

Hasselblad 2003FCW, 30mm @ f5.6
Kodak E100VS
1x Lumedyne 200w/s action pack camera left.
1x Nikon SB800 at 1/8th power overhead, zoomed out
1x Lumedyne 200w/s camera right at top of stairs
2x Nikon SB800’s ahead, on top of stairs for rim.

Tina at Location 05.

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Below is a behind the scenes photo of Tina’s work station at Location 05 for a Catherine’s catalogue shoot. He’s awesome to work with, always making shoots entertaining… His makeup collection gives Snookie a run for her money.

Tina's work station at Location 05, NYC.